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The Philippines is an archipelago in South East Asia and consists of some of the most beautiful islands in the world.A land of never ending, lush green rice fields, colourful jeepneys,vibrant coral reefs, white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal-clear waters, fresh seafood and warm and friendly Filipino people, offers great value for money.Shop in the teeming metropolis of Manila and should you be so inclined, there are some amazing bargains.The Philippines offers plenty of options for adventure enthusiasts. From mountain bike touring on the rugged roads to diving in colourful coral reefs,white water rafting and sea kayaking.Explore the extensive network of deep, beautiful, cave systems.Indulge into an adventure of another kind, and try tasting the Balut, a local Filipino delicacy.The Philippines is also famous for the Hilot massage,an ancient Filipino art of healing.Bring out your fun side and explore the country like a local, by riding on a colourful jeepney.All this and more,makes the experience of staying in Philippines an unforgettable holiday

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