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On Board turkish Airlines

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Economy Class

• Economy Seat pitch is 31-32 inch(78 cm).
• Maximum seatback recline, is 6 inches(15 cm).However, the seat pan also moves forward an additional 1.5 inches(3.5
  cm)providing a total recline of 7.5 inches(19 cm).
• An onboard power receptacle on the front foot bar underneath the seat pan supplies energy for laptops and other electrical
• A personal USB and Ethernet jack is also available at each seat.
• Each seat has a non-intrusive, flush headrest that extends a maximum of 5 inches.
• An adjustable footrest is available for added comfort.

Comfort Class (Premium Economy)

• Premium economy seat pitch is 46 inches(116 cm)
• Seat width is 19.5 inches(49 cm).
• Seat configuration is 2-3-2.
• Full seat recline is 8.8 inches(22 cm), providing additional comfort for relaxing or sleeping.Adjustable leg rests are available at
  every seat.
• Personal monitors are 10.6 inch(27 cm)and include connections in the center console for personal media transfer, such as Ipod or
• Individual reading light.
• Meal tables, located in the armrests, also serve as angled work surfaces for reading or tablets.
• Power receptacles located on the center console supply energy for laptops and other electrical devices.

Catering Services for Extended Range Flights
For our Comfort Class passengers a special and unique service program has been created. Despite many other airlines, we have designed an upgraded menu for Comfort Class passengers.
• We welcome our guests with our “welcome drinks”.
• Our restaurant-quality service includes fresh ingredients such as salad and green vegetables, with a choice of hot meals which
  served in porcelain dishes, created from Turkish and World Cuisine.
• Your meal is topped off with dessert, fruit and cheese selections.
• Before landing we offer a second meal service with hot or cold meal options and passengers may also choose lighter selections.