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Travelpack Customer Reviews

Travelpack get some great reviews from our customers. Here is a random selection of those who commented using our online survey or who have written in about our call centre agents.

27/02/2012 by Mr O Flying to Malta
I worked through the websites listed on Google. Yours was the first one that worked properly.
28/02/2013 by Mr & Mrs O Flying to Vancouver
Completely happy
20/04/2013 by Mr & Mrs T Flying to Seoul
Very easy and fast booking. Thank you
28/03/2013 by Ms J Flying to Helsinki
Easy to use. Tried to book the same flight direct on Finnair website and to got stuck between pages whereas this was fast and efficient.
09/12/2011 by Mr C Flying to Trivandrum
We found Travelpack particularly useful as it has the multiple airports facility, which we did not find on any other sites
24/08/2012 by Mr M Flying to Bangkok
A good site to use, what you see is what you get as opposed to other sites that advertise one thing but try and sell you another! I hope to use you again. ps additional info-i came accross you via Travel Supermarket.com
08/09/2012 by Mrs T Flying to Edmonton
out standing service
06/06/2012 by Mrs G Flying to Belfast
A Good Experience for Me considering I am Something of a Techni-phobe.
A User Friendly Site...and the Best Price Found!
19/12/2011 by Miss H Flying to Washington
Delighted to find a rarely available flight -- that another online operator couldn't book because of system failures -- at a brilliant price. Very happy.
15/07/2012 by Ms G Flying to Los Angeles
i have noted your site for future use. Thanks for making my online booking a pleasure!